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Shahaji Law College is one of the reputed law colleges in India and especially in the state of Maharashtra. It is always on the forefront of highest values and imparting legal education since 1933. His highness, the late Shri Rajaram Chatrapati Maharaja of Kolhapur who was always very keen about legal education constituted a committee in December 1932 headed by Rao Bahadur A. B. Chougule the then Chief justice of Kolhapur state. By notification 52 of 1933, the state Gazette declared that “The Council of Legal Education”, a body consisting of seven ex-officio members to run the Law College on 17th June, 1933. The college was formally inaugurated on 2nd November 1933 at the hands of Sir Fredric sykes,  the then Governor of Bombay and named as ‘ Sykes Law College’ Kolhapur

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Dr. R. Narayana
Principal Dr. R. Narayana

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Legal Education has been undergoing tremendous changes in 21st Century. There is a strong realisation that law is not merely an abstract aggregation of rules but an effective and potent instrument of social change. It tends to emulate social and moral values and has brought the individual and collective human behaviour at the centre stage. As law is pragmatic and not merely an abstract construct, it is being increasingly felt by all concerned that law students will benefit greatly by confronting and solving the legal problems in an environment of simulated and real cases through clinical legal studies. Furthermore, the stage on which the future lawyers will be called upon to exhibit their legal acumen and calibre in 21st century is bound to transcend municipal limits of their own countries. For that purpose there is a strong need to train and equip the law students with new global challenges and professional techniques.

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